New Generation Baby was born in London, Ontario Canada in 2005 as Generation Baby. Today our baby is 10 years old. New Generation Baby is proud to introduce its 2015 collection featuring a whole host of new products

Our new collection of baby & children's accessories are carefully designed and Canadian-made using fabrics free of ; lead, mercury, BPA, Latex, and other toxic matierals. All our printing is with organic ink. The result is durable, environmentally friendly, and child-safe products. Now we've added more handy and trendy designs for you and your little one! We only use Canadian & American supplier for all our materials.

We only manufacture our products here in Ontario. We want to support the local North American economy in a tide of cheap imported goods. We want to keep jobs here, at home, and we want to ensure the only the safest materials are used to produce all our products.

New Generation Baby is proud to support Canadian & American suppliers and manufacturers in our pursuit to create in high quality baby accessories!

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