Safe for baby; Safe for the environment.

Oscar Wilde famously said “These days man knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.” At New Generation Baby we share Oscar’s sentiments. This is why we are committed to products that value your baby, the planet and the future. We believe, as did Oscar, that price and value are not the same.

New Generation Baby believes you simply cannot look for ways to make things cheaper. You must offer value for money. Value isn’t merely dollars and cents; value requires commitment to safety, quality, and critically the future of our children and our planet. As people, we merely borrow the planet from our children and the future. What each of us does today, impacts our children and the future. New Generation Baby believes that the best way to ensure a bright future is value based production, which never sacrifices safety, quality or your baby’s future.

As part of New Generation Baby’s commitment to value based production we maintain production at home. We use only materials made in Canada, the US or the EU. We seek out ways to conserve our planet's valuable resources; using little from the Earth as possible, even if this means our products take more time and care to manufacture. We will never cut corners because, to New Generation Baby, your baby's safety and future is worth that little extra effort today.

The future of your baby is paramount. Ensuring the safety of your baby is our commitment. Providing value to you is our mission.


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